Innovation in data analytics

NIAB is committed to exploiting our unique knowledge of crop agronomy and plant science for the benefit of agricultural and horticultural production.

Advances in computing and remote sensing are providing exciting new opportunities for us to create new knowledge and deliver it into practice. We have teamed up with technology and data science firm KisanHub in a strategic joint venture to use our joint strengths to identify, derive, deploy and integrate datasets to create new services for researchers, farm businesses and supply chains.

Connecting you
like never before is built on the Kisanhub platform of core technologies which makes it easy to aggregate data from different sources and their dynamic interfaces are simple to use. NIAB is building functionality to deliver the technical insight needed to boost yield and quality, save money and improve profits and build resilience into farming systems and supply chains. All users have a personal account, with secure encryption and full ownership of their own data and data sharing options. Teams of users can be set-up with agreed access rights.

Access for
members offers all NIAB TAG members a dynamic interface with NIAB and wider research and advice and these key benefits:

1. Technical content when and how you want it

  • The latest crop and field advice from NIAB TAG; in the field, in the sprayer cab, in the office, at home...
  • A wealth of online technical content, tools, trial results and events
  • Log-in on-the-go via the info and events phone and tablet app (iOS and Android).

2. Field specific weather

  • Detailed 5-day forecasts to field level – rainfall, temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, windspeed, evapotranspiration, cloud cover
  • Operations forecast for spraying, sowing and fertilising
  • Annual/monthly regional summaries – rainfall, temperature, sunshine, air frost
  • Actual and historical data for previous days, months and years.

3. Farm specific agronomic insights

  • The ability to map farm location, field boundaries and other farm data onto and receive farm-specific agronomy updates and alerts
  • Engagement in our crowdsourcing activities to close the gap between the farmgate and the researcher’s desk and get localised feedback on key agronomic risks.


Launching soon - an interactive agrochemical product comparison tool for sprayer operators, advisors, agronomists and farmers.

  • A database of up to 2,000 UK approved arable plant protection products, based on data from the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) and manufacturers
  • Allows unique side-by-side comparisons of up to 27 different attributes of arable products, split into four groups:

    1. core product details
    2. aquatic and arthropod buffer zone requirements
    3. application information
    4. active ingredients
  • Allows user-refined searches by 22 of the 27 product attributes
  • A document library of labels, MSDS, EIS and tank-mixes
  • Constantly updated using automated auditing

NIAB TAG ActivSmart is a subscription-based digital service, open to all and available through the platform on your PC, tablet or smartphone (iOS and Android), in association with KisanHub.

niabtagnetwork [at] niab [dot] com (subject: Please send me more information about NIAB TAG ActivSmart) (Sign-up to receive information about ActivSmart)

Wider access
to the platform

The platform is available to research projects to support discovery activities, data management and/or knowledge transfer. If you have bespoke business or research requirements, enterprise specific versions of are available.

Contact juno [dot] mckee [at] niab [dot] com (Juno McKee) on 01223 342208, +44(0)7872 543379