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Members sit at the heart of our industry and research

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NIAB TAG Network

About us

Our members benefit from a service which translates the most recent science and best practice into on-farm strategies to:

  • Boost yields and quality
  • Save money and improve margins
  • Build resilience into the farming system

With a choice of Agronomy, Seeds and Vegetable packages, NIAB TAG members:

  • Gain priority access to NIAB's crop specialists and plant researchers
  • Sit at the heart of our industry and research networks
  • Enjoy totally independent, science and business-driven advice

Member Benefits


  • Members fund the largest, and longest running, independent variety and agronomy dataset and research programme in the UK
  • We work with 14 regional Technical Committees drawn from the membership, to ensure the experimental programme aligns with current annual and strategic planning issues on farm
  • Members also benefit from access to data and demonstration activities linked to the wider research activities of our organisation

Access our

  • Members have their own dedicated team of agronomists, variety specialists and other plant scientists
  • NIAB researchers and experts contribute to the members’ experimental programme, events, publications and other communications
  • View our membership groups, regional centres, and trial sites map


  • Members access research and advice delivered at over 80 member-only events held at locations across the country
  • These include technical conferences and field days at trial sites and members’ farms as well as special events in collaboration with partners

CPD and

  • The membership team works closely with BASIS and NRoSO to help members in their Continued Professional Development
  • Members are also entitled to discounts on our training courses, such as those offered through ARTIS Lifelong Learning, and additional copies of publications

and Website

  • Membership includes a wide range of online and printed publications
  • offers a dynamic interface with NIAB and wider research and advice and the key benefits of: technical content when and how you want it; field specific weather and farm specific agronomic insights

Types of membership

Sharing knowledge is fundamental to the effective delivery of progress and innovation. Keep in touch with the latest issues in production focused crops and agronomy research and the solutions emerging from NIAB TAG and our research partners and stakeholders.


Ideal for farmers and agronomists seeking to maximise profit from new and existing varieties, agrochemicals and husbandry methods


Ideal for farmers and industry professionals looking to maintain an elite understanding of seeds & varieties to aid variety choice and management decisions across a wide range of crops


We offer corporate memberships, a membership focused on field vegetables, Academy membership for academics and students, and the National Agronomy Centre supporter

Membership in your area

NIAB TAG supports 18 local centres and works with 14 technical committees who meet several times per year and ensure research programmes for members align with current annual and strategic planning issues on farm.

Local trials, national coverage


It is important to be attached to an organisation which is at the forefront of research. Very difficult to put a value on our membership, but we would be worse off if we didn't have it - it makes you think and question more

My membership is such a reliable source of quality agronomic information. You get real value for your money - it's the same cost as a couple of bags of fertiliser

I strive for optimum crop production and NIAB TAG membership helps me achieve this